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Hard Drive

Data Recovery

Signs to recognize that your hard drive may be going bad and need data recovery:

Symptom Description
• Strange noises Clicking or grinding sounds
• Frequent Blue Screen Errors Microsoft Stop Errors
• Unresponsiveness Computer freeze in the middle of working
• Decreased Performance Computer seems noticeably slower
• DROP Drive or computer dropped
• CRC Errors CRC Errors when copying data
• Not Booting Computer turns on but will not start up
• Not Recognized Cannot detect drive and looks for CD or Floppy
• Water Damage Had water spilled on the drive or keyboard of laptop
• FIRE Computer either exposed to heat, smoke or fire
• FLOOD ** **Computer has been submerged in water **
• Surge or Electronic Damage Power surge, spike, lightening damage, etc.

Special Note: For drives that have been in a flood, DO NOT DRY THE DRIVE. Place the drive in a sealed container of clean water and send it to our data lab.

Client Preparation and Expectations For Data Recovery

  • Get an idea of what the data is worth before deciding on data recovery.
  • Have a list of the specific files and folders you hope to recover.
  • Know the location of the data - user profile, desktop, special folder, etc.
  • Do NOT expect programs to be recovered.
  • Ask if the type of damage the drive sustained requires clean room use
  • What happens if no data is recovered?
  • Would you trust your data to someone that does free estimates?

Best Tech Computer Services continues to help clients recover data as quickly and reasonably as possible by performing electronic and software repairs locally.

Clients needing clean room facilities receive expedited service directly to our master technicians in Florida who specialize in difficult to recover information. Our facility and Data Engineers are U.S. Government approved for Secure and Classified Data.

My clients have successfully recovered lost term papers, books and dissertations, family pictures of loved ones, database files, email folders, music, accounting data, specialized programs and more from a variety of media including:

  • Hard Drives (IDE, SCSI, SATA, RAID, Micro Drives)
  • CD/DVD
  • Flash or Thumb Drives
  • iPods
  • Tape Drives

When experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, please bring us the computer or hard drive for a proactive evaluation or schedule a service call as soon as possible. When data becomes lost, damaged, missing, corrupt, sabotaged or cannot be accessed, we will work together to find a solution. In some cases, data recovery is not needed and we may be able to extract the file or folder requested saving time, money and stress.

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