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Technician repairing motherboard

Price List

Hourly On-Site Rate: $125/hr.
In-shop labor Rate: $100/hr.
Remote Assistance: $75/hr.
As You Wait Service: $150/hr.

Data Recovery Service: $150/hr.

Pre-Paid Service
The lifespan of a computer is roughly 3years with most individuals still trying to push for four or five years. During the first three years a computer user will most likely have at least one virus, one operating system problem and one mechanical failure or upgrade. Each incident will likely cost the user $100 or more per visit to a local computer store. Since computer repairs are an anticipated and feared expense, the best way to save for the future is to plan for the future and purchase discounted pre-paid service.

Most companies offer discounted time blocks that expire at the end of each month. Best Tech Computer Service allows clients to use pre-paid services for up to 1yr from the purchase date.

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