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Let's face it; having multiple computers in one's house is getting to be as common as multiple televisions and cars. Everyone from a person in grade school, high school and college to one's grandmother depends on computers. Although the way each person uses his or her computer is different, the need to be able to communicate is essential.

Computer repair is rarely about changing parts and more about familiarity with operating systems, programs, hardware compatibility and the ability to communicate these solutions to clients in simple non-technical terms. Our technicians know that the key to many repairs comes from listening to our customer's problems and concerns. Once we know what the customer desires and expects, we can then work to find the most direct and effective way to provide a repair solution.

Repair is a broad term encompassing hardware, operating systems and specific software applications. To properly diagnose and repair a computer it takes time. Most retail stores cannot afford to have their technicians spend this time because of their workload and their lack of technicians with a high degree of technical experience. Too often what you end up with is someone wanting to format your drive and reload it from scratch just to prove to you the problem is not hardware related. This is absurd!!!

At Best Tech Computer Services, we spend the time to make accurate diagnosis and proudly stand behind our work. Regardless of Microsoft's Decision to retire the Windows XP Operating System, we at Best Tech Computer Services, will continue to support, repair and reload this operating system for clients as long as they have valid product licensing on their pc or laptop.

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